Airstream Sports RV: Bring Your Home to Everywhere

Airstream Sports RV: Bring Your Home to Everywhere

Hey, I want to ask you! Do you like your life with your daily activity? You go to work every day and sitting in front of the computer all day. Then, you come back home and meet your children or your family? Well, that is so boring, right? Now, you better pack your clothes and prepare some things. Ask your little family or your friends to take a fresh breath for a while. Escape from your routine to be closer to nature airstream sport. Surely your life will be more wonderful.

Airstream Sport: Feature, Design, and Types

There are many ways to vacation such as backpacker and using tour package. Even though, those are the usual ways. You must give a little bit of space for others. On the other hand, airstream sport will give different vacation. This trailer comes with a new comfortable sense during your vacation. You keep able to feel the warmth of the house wherever you are. So, would you like to know more about it? Let’s check this out:

  • Feature
  1. Comfortable for alone until 4 people

The trailer has a flexible floor plan where it uses a folded bed. When you finished sleeping, you can fold up or to the wall to create new space. Later, space will help you to give larger latitude during your cooking time. Alongside that, you can use it to manage your dining area.

  1. Easy to bring

Where are you going with your airstream sport later? It is ready to pick you up to the beach, mount, or forest. Quite pull it with your car where this small movable house has three wheels. When you are weary, you only need to stop your car and sleep in the trailer.

  1. Lounge sport for relaxing

When you are still lazy to move from your bed, you can relax for a while in the lounge. Relax with little bit snacks and a cup of tea is so exciting. The lounge has a wide front window to see the scenery outside. You will put your body on the ultra-leather surface couch that is so pleasurable.  In the area, you still get some facilities. It is such as Stereo JVC and LG LED HD TV. The stereo completes with Bluetooth, FM, AM, DVD, and CD. Meanwhile, the television has an omnidirectional antenna.

  1. Modern Kitchen style

The airstream sport has a mini modern kitchen set with complete and sophisticated tools. There are cutting board cover, folding stove cover, Italian laminated handcraft, microwave or microwave oven, two-burner stove, and refrigerator.

  1. Climate and weather are not a problem

Climate and weather often destroy the people’s planning to vacation. The event of their camp had to be canceled because of sudden rain and lightning. However, all of that will not be a problem when you are in this trailer. You keep feeling comfortable with the temperature control, AC, and the additional hot strips. The hot strips control the electricity usage and draw fresh air into the cabin.

  • Airstream Sport Design
  • Exterior:
  • Multi-stage converter
  • Stone guard protection with 3M® film front
  • 4 items of manual stabilizer jacks
  • Entrance door with aluminum handle
  • Aluminum LP Cover
  • Black tank flush system
  • Hookup TV Cable
  • Cast Aluminum on Door hinges
  • Cast Aluminum on LED Rear Lights
  • City Water Inlet which has Water Pressure Regulator
  • Custom Handcrafted 26 for the Wide Entry Door with Window
  • Specific Waste Hose Storage
  • Insulated Heated Underbelly from insulated aluminum
  • Service port for the exterior quick connection
  • Exterior shower with cold and hot Water
  • Aluminum exterior protects you from the Fluorocarbon Treated UV
  • The airstream sport use the balanced tired from Goodyear ® ST225 / 75R15 (16 ‘: ST215 / 75R14)
  • Aluminum Window Frames extrude the handcrafted welded
  • Hand Painted Chassis
  • LED Enter Light
  • LED for the storage compartment light
  • Bracket Plate which uses LED Light
  • Locked Water Tank to keep the freshness
  • LP (2 – 20 lb. Steel Tanks) that use Auto 2-stage Regulator
  • Manual Hitch Jack
  • Patio Awning from Manual ZipDee ® with Weather Max Fabric
  • Nev-R-Adjust ® Brakes
  • Rear View Monitoring System
  • Semi-Monocoque Aluminum Superstructure
  • Sun Front Window Protection
  • Solar Pre-wire include 3 Roofs & 1 Front Access Point
  • A full size of tire spare
  • Entrance step from steel
  • White aluminum roof to reduce the temperature
  • Stylish aluminum wheels
  • Tempered tinted window
  • Thermal Barrier Protection Between the exterior and interior
  • Torque Axle Suspension
  • Unique front door key with Heavy Duty Deadbolt
  • 90w Solar Package with AGM Battery and Interior Monitor
  • Airstream sports interior design
  • Tongue-and-Groove Wood Flooring in 5/8 “WBP
  • Heat Strip on AC
  • Anti-wicking outside on the Edge Floor Sealants
  • Coat & Key Hooks
  • Interior Aluminum on Wall and Ceiling
  • Water Heater (6 gals.)
  • EcoBattTM Insulation
  • Fantastic © Fan
  • Laminated interior cabinetry
  • LED for the interior lighting
  • Overhead door roof
  • Front window complete with blackout shades for panoramic
  • Unlimited tank monitoring system
  • Vinyl floor
  • Airstream sport bed
  • Blackout (s) Curtain
  • Decorative Throw Pillows
  • Upper Foam Memory on Mattress Cushion
  • Reverse Sham on Layered Bedspread
  • Pillow
  • Under Bed Storage
  • Wardrobe for Hanging Bar and folding clothes
  • Bathroom Shower
  • Lavy sink
  • Bathroom faucet from Moen ®
  • Shower Head with Removable Hand Held and Shut Off
  • Roof vent or fan
  • Towel ring or bar
  • Additional designs
  • Roadside assistance for 3 years
  • Limited guarantee for 3 years
  • Doormat with Airstream logo
  • fire extinguisher
  • Condensation path
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • TRA Certified green with the emerald status or highest rank
  • Winterization Bypass Valve

That is the feature of the airstream sports cabin for your vacation. Own it with the cost around $ 47,900. By the way, there are two types of the trailer such as airstream sport 16 and airstream sport 22 RB. The cost for those cabinets is between $30,000 $200,000. The differences are about the exterior length, exterior wide, interior wide, hitch weight, unit base weight, maximum capacity, and clean carrying capacity. Fresh water tank, grey water tank, black water tank, AC, refrigerator, window, skylight, microwave, and oven are also different. Nonetheless, the distinction will not give deep influence. So, do not think about it and go on vacation.

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