Business Cards – Why Do They Matter for Your Business?

lularoe business cards

There are many ways that people can do to grow their business and popularize brands. One of the most common ways to pick is by using business cards. But, do they still matter in this modern era where digital technology plays important role in marketing?

Reasons to Keep Using the Business Cards for Promotion

There is an important fact that business owners should know about the business cards. They can be fully replaced by the digital technology due to some reasons.

  1. Makes Things More Personal

It is true that digital technology can help you to send messages and information related to your business quickly. You can send them via email or texts in a relatively shorter period of time. However, this is very impersonal since there is no actual conversation and eye contact that is important to begin a real relationship with customers or new business partners. This is how the business cards will be very beneficial. The information contained in the card will be easily transferred to the mobile device after the conversation.

  1. They are Effective Market Tools

Paid media and search engine optimization indeed could do a great job of attracting people to give attention to your brand. However, they are less effective if compared to an in-person meeting with a handshake when the business card is exchanged. They are important tools to help you create a valuable business connection. So, just make sure that you always have business cards in your pockets or bags wherever you go.

  1. First Impression of Your Brands

This is important to always leave a great impression on every potential client or investor you meet for the first time. A memorable business card will be beneficial more than a phone number or email address. So, make sure that your business cards have a great design and made off high-quality material since you do not want people to associate your cards with the word cheap.

  1. Creative Business Cards Will Continue to Market Your Brand

Unlike sending messages through digital technology, a business card is a physical object that your brand will stay with. Handing out creative business cards to a prospect will help you to leave a great impression. There is always a possibility that the potential clients you give the card will also show to other people.

  1. They Show that You are Well Prepared

You might have seen on TV that people write the contact or other information on a tissue or cocktail napkin? Well, never do that in business since it looks so unprofessional. The business cards will make you ready whenever someone needs information about your brand or how to contact you. This will also lead people to think that you are professional and experienced in your business. In addition, you do not need to scramble to find a pen or something to write on if you have a business card in your pocket. Being well-prepared at all times is just a sign that you are professional and it will be easier for you to make people trust your brand and use your products in turn.

What Kinds of Business Cards You Should Have?

There are many kinds of business cards you can pick out there. Each of them has their own strengths and benefits. Lipsense business cards are one of the most common business cards that a business owner should have. They are designed and functioned to be the most professional and effective business cards to hand out. The cards are generally made of thick 16 points paper card stock that makes them look elegant and lavish. There are two choices of the business cards’ finish, they are glossy and matte. But, whatever your choice is, the finishing makes the cards look more luxurious. In this way, they can leave the impression of pride and professionalism to your clients and colleagues. Another choice you can take is Lularoe business cards. Just like the Lipsense, Lularoe is also very helpful as a professional business card to help you promote your brands and business. The cards are also created from thick paper to give an extra feel of luxury. Make sure you pick up the one with elegant design and attractive colors to show your professionality. There are a lot of service providers that offer the production of business cards and one of them is Kinkos where you can get the ones that are suitable the most with your need.

Why Choosing Kinkos?

Kinkos is a service provider in which people can order high-quality business cards with elegant design. The company has been years in the industry and has served many clients from the various background so far. With years of experience, the Kinkos is now the best in the market. The same day business cards Kinkos will make it possible for the customers to make orders which can be completed on the same day. The service provider also uses extremely cardstock only and much thicker than their competitors. The designs of the business cards are also beautiful. You can also order customized business cards to represent your personality and taste. There are many types of business cards the customers can order with a wide range of choices.

  • Premium Business Cards

The cards can be completed in a minute and the customers can get their custom business cards through FedEx. There will be full-color printing that the customers can pick. In addition, the customers can also enjoy free 7-business-day delivery from the service provider.

  • Value Business Cards

There are 1-2 color business cards that the customers can choose from various designs to offer. You can order a business logo with free 7-business-day delivery.

  • 24 Hours Business Cards

You can order your business cards at FedEx Office just near you. All you need to do is just bringing the design of your logo, cards, or images. If you do not have your own design, you can pick one of the thousand templates available. Just visit the nearby FedEx office and then start your order soon. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and the prices offered are also affordable.


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