Chelsea Football Schedule: October Matches That The Blues Fans Must Not Skip


Chelsea Football Schedule: October Matches That The Blues Fans Must Not Skip

If you need to get your dose of Chelsea football schedule, then you have come to the right place. Check out the 5 matches that Chelsea will play next below:

20th of October 2018, 17:30 VS Manchester United

This match right here is probably one of the most anticipated matches for Chelsea fans. Why? Simply because everybody loves a tussle with the devils. This is the match where red and blue will clash. This is the match that can show how Chelsea would not stand against the bullying of Manchester.

Or was it the other way? In this season, Manchester United is not exactly a powerhouse to play against. Sure they got many good players and they have the ‘special one’ Mourinho as their coach, but their performances are somewhat lackluster these last few months. Then again, this is football and many things can happen in the field, so both fans of the two teams need to cross their fingers and bite their lips because this will certainly be one of the most amazing matches in the season.

The match will be played in Stamford Bridge, so Chelsea got a clear home advantage. With Sarri’s hand on the wheel, Chelsea is also a force to be reckoned with (not like it was not a force back with Conte, but this Chelsea is somewhat even more dangerous). Who knows what can happen in Stamford?

26 October 2018, 02:00 VS BATE Borisov

The next match is against BATE Borisov, a Belarussian football team with a nice set of history behind them. This is the continuation of Chelsea’s venture in the Europa League, which kind of makes this match a high stake match. Whether or not Sarri will bring Chelsea’s best guns to the table remains to be seen, but a Europa League trophy does look good in the cabinet, right?

For you Chelsea fans who think that this game will be a walk in the park, you need to know that BATE Borisov is no pushover. Sure they are not playing in the Champions League at the moment, but they still got a spot in the Europa League, which is the second best European contest at the moment. BATE will certainly bring all of their best players to the field. This might be an interesting match to see.

28th October 2018, 20:30 VS Burnley

This time, it is Chelsea’s turn to visit the enemy’s ground. The match will be played at Turf Moor, Burnley’s home. Burnley will play right at home, so they got a lot of crowd going for them. The field familiarity will also give Burnley a nice advantage, so Chelsea needs to be careful if they do not want to slip. With only a day of rest after the match with BATE, Chelsea might not be able to field all of its best players and Sarri might have some tactical tweaking to do.

1st of November 2018, 02:45 VS Derby County

Okay, this is not technically an October match, but it would be daft not to put this match on the watchlist. The first game of November will see Chelsea play against Derby County at Stamford Bridge, the Blues’ very own ground. This is a Carabao Cup match, by the way, a competition in which Chelsea is no stranger to. Surely a match that should be included in every Chelsea football schedule that the fans got.

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