Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Workout Routine that You NEED to Follow (If you want to get Buffed)


Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Workout Routine that You NEED to Follow (If you want to get Buffed)

It is undeniable that Cristiano Ronaldo is a buff bloke, and if you want to look like him, there is a certain Cristiano Ronaldo workout routine that you can try.

Before you can go with the routine, however, you need to understand the diet first

A good workout routine means nothing without a good diet to precede it. When honesty is taken into consideration, nothing good can comes from a bad diet and a good workout routine. If you practice well but you still eat like a hog, those Cristiano pecs would not show up in a long time. You need to take your diet to consideration because diets are probably the more important factor when you are trying to lose fat.

You might say that you are not here to lose fat. You might say that you are here because you are already skinny and you want to be buffed like Ronaldo is. Guess what, kiddo? Fat and pecs are closely related to each other. A fat person can be buffed, but he would not look as buffed as CR simply because all of those muscles were hidden underneath the fat. To make your muscle pop and to give you that toned six-pack look, you need to shed fat around your waist and your stomach area.

What is the food that CR himself eat and NOT eat?

Ronaldo himself has admitted that he takes his diet pretty seriously, and when Ronaldo says seriously, it truly means seriously. His diet consists of high protein food like fishes, and wholesome carbs, which are carbs that will make your body feel whole (just like Bob Ross did with his paintings). He also avoids foods that are high in sugar because sugar can turn people lazy sometimes.

Another important feat in CR’s diet is abstaining from alcohol. While drinking alcohol is not an awesome thing whatsoever, it is still something that you should actively avoid if you want to look like CR. Instead of alcohol, drink water if you are feeling thirsty.

The secret behind CR’s buffness

CR is a buff god because he is the buffest of the buffs. Sure he has not achieved that level of swole, but he is at a good level of it. He got a nice five days workout routine and he always follows that routine to the heart. If you follow that routine, you will be buff like him in no time.

That being said, what are the routines in question?

Day one consists of cardio, circuit, chest, and sprints. A 1,6-kilometre jog followed by 400-meter rowing, 10 thrusters, 10 push-ups, 10 box jumps (all done in five rounds) cover the warm up and the circuit session. After that, the bench-pressing machine is where you should go to. Bench press, chest flys, cable pushdowns, and incline chest press are all done 48 times. When that is done, a 20 minute of rope jumping closes the first day.

The rest of the days are pretty much the same with several exceptions. One thing that you can be sure is that interval training will always close all of the days. Another thing to consider is the fact that CR does all of this as a trained athlete, so if you are a newbie, you can simply do some reduction on the Cristiano Ronaldo workout routine if you do not want something bad to happen to you.

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