Lionel Messi Highlights: Messi’s Best Moment of the 2018 Season


Lionel Messi Highlights: Messi’s Best Moment of the 2018 Season

Messi is a fine football player with several achievements trailing behind him, so it is only right for football fans to want to see the best Lionel Messi highlights.

The first one is against Getafe back in 2007

Eleven years back, Messi was one of the finest footballers that Barcelona has ever fielded. He was a fine player before this goal, but this is the goal that launched his name to stardom. Yes, he had scored a hat-trick against Real Madrid before this, but this goal is pretty much the goal that started his journey to become the G.O.A.T. If you think that dribbling against one person is hard, Messi dribbled against five Getafe players and netted a goal to further shame Getafe. That is the moment when the world knows Messi is a player that should not be messed around with. That is when the world discovered that Messi is a fine dribbler. It helped them win 5-2 against Getafe, but Getafe rebounded back somehow, turning the scoreline around in the second leg. While Barca got kicked out of the Copa Del Rey, Messi was launched into Europe. A fine trade indeed.

There is another against Real Zaragoza in March 2010

Another Messi’s finest moment showed him race against defenders and netting a goal in the end. Messi might be a small person, but this goal showed his combative nature. After a brief battle to win the ball back, Messi raced past another player, showing his speed and agility. That would be pretty standard if Messi did not beat another defender not only once but twice. That completed his second goal of the night, and do you know what is even better? He did not stop at that. After that second goal, he scored once more, completing his hat-trick. That is a feat that no other can show.

Messi showed his fangs against fierce rivals Real Madrid, too, back in April 2011

The rivalry between Barca and Real Madrid is a long-standing one. 7 years back, the rivalry was at its highest point. Do you know what Messi did in this competition? He dribbled through four of Madrid’s players, all fine players of a high caliber, and netted a goal with his weak foot. What makes this even better is the fact that it is the Champions League. Barca would then proceed to the final and beat Manchester United in the end. On that day, every football fan save for United fans were dancing their socks off.

The goal against Munich in May 2015 inspired many memes

This is the goal that the internet loved. This is the goal that inspired the creation of many memes and this is possibly the funniest goals the world had ever watched. Not because the goal itself was funny, no, but because of Boateng’s failure to stop Messi in his track. You see, when the world saw Boateng’’s fall, the football fans of the web created memes and compilations of it. Some of those memes can be hilarious and it is also even funnier to see Munich fans getting salty over it.

If you ask yourself why would it not be a meme, then you are an ignorant bloke? Boateng was probably one of the greatest defenders back then, and Messi played him like a darn fiddle. For fans who supported teams other than Munich, that is a sight to see. Not as funny as Robin Zentner’s mistake, but one of the funniest Lionel Messi highlights ever.

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